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First Flash

2007-08-13 20:59:13 by Henry-nougat

If your bored and bothered to read this, I'm thinking about creating my first solid flash submission.

I've tampered with the program before and made some pretty short and dumb ones about inside jokes with friends but I'd like to create something I can share with everyone.

It will be about a dream I had, and be about recurring dreams, I'll try and incorporate strong imagery because I don't think it'll be all that long and since I'm not a flash master, making a detailed flash will take me ages I think.

So for the moment I'm going to work on figuring out some tricks with the program and try to create something worthwhile.

If anyone else has ideas for a flash about dreams I'd be glad to discuss it here in the blog or any hints or tips when making a flash I'd appreciate it.

Not sure about making any collaborative effort because I'm not sure how long it'll take to make this.

Here's just some concept sketches of the dream.

First Flash


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2007-09-10 00:52:31

it's always good to see people trying flash for the first time. relly great. don't get intimidated, and don't give up.

Henry-nougat responds:

Thanks for the comment bro,

I dig your flashes.

Feels like you kind of have to whore yourself out here to get some comments though.

I need to go get huge tits and cam whore myself out maybe.



2008-05-11 13:02:32

I started flash but i suck at drawing, so im really not that good...

Henry-nougat responds:

this is where you fail to see your strengths, even if you 'suck' eventually by the time you strengthen your drawing skills your flash skills will be on par and you can make something grand.

keep practicing both and you will make something truly magnificent.