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You did nothing! :(

That let out a laugh but the dialogue was a bit lacking. The animation and sounds were a cut above the rest so you get an above average rating. Since it was so short and the content was Scott Pilgrim (which already heavily references multiple things) it would be hard to parody.

*Thumbs up*

In regards to skill and creativity I'm surprised how this wasn't front paged like Turbo.

This far surpasses most the crap on front page.

Oh well at least your other work should attract attention to it.

Love the sound and pixels, be well good sir.

spacefader responds:

Hey, it did get frontpaged I think, as a result of turbo, its pretty sweet, a retroactive frontpage!

Omg the giraffe scene was amazing and the fact you added that sneaky extra snippet made me love you even more.

Great idea and animation.

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Crazy cat

I just took a trip down memory lane when someone asked you to do hentai and you were like "Thats a preposterous idea!" (Blatant exaggeration) and now you have a full blown flash game which is your first which is cool.

Setting aside the whole hentai thing I think you did a really good job for your first flash and I'm glad you put in the quality your capable of, also the creativity.

I didn't full look into this but did you add keyboard shortcuts?

Just a suggestion to help fix the whole clicking on the drop down menus.

That way you could make her whinge about positions more and get the user to remember what key each position was and make them think more.

8 for the flash and an extra one for submitting it nice work.

Also that angel picture is awesome I have to say for the second time.

Okay I think thats pretty much everything.

Oh one last thing why Vortex 00? Any particular reasoning behind that one?

Okay now I'm done.

Vortex00 responds:

Yeah I still have my I don't do hentai user blog thing LOL, but it's more about the skill. also yes I added some keyboard shortcuts in there so it requires both hands. I'm liking the more thinking idea, which was something like what I had in mind for the original idea I had at first.

I can't remember exactly why, but somewhere on some website I don't go to anymore, vortex was taken so I added the 00 tag because it's even before number one, but not in the negatives. The original


The tutorial wouldn't go any further? I'm not sure how helpful this is for others but I don't think flash tutorials are what people want to see on this site.

Good attempt

Good attempt though I feel submissions need alot of effort to be accepted on this site, though there are exceptions.

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Cruise control for sound

This song just makes me feel like I'm in the back of a car, cruising along the freeway. Laying on the back seat looking up and seeing all the lights and colours zooming past me as my head moves with the beat and I smile.

You created some magic here.

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Strangely exciting

This had a really strange beat, I like all the sounds you put into it.

It gave it a really frantic upbeat kind of feel which I thought was strange but cool.

Could go further I think but really good nonetheless good job.

Nice Harmony

I liked the title, and the harmony it was a very empathetic piece.

Only crit I have is the ending ends so quickly, I feel it should end as it began to make this a more timeless song.

Thanks for sharing this.

Angelhomie responds:

Thank you very much for sharing your critique. I will take note of this in my future pieces.

I'm interested in meeting like-minded people and sharing ideas. I'm a traditional Illustrator but I incorporate digital mediums as well.

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